SeedsHereNow may seem pretty hardy and tough to the outsider, but they’re not invincible. They can be damaged by a variety of environmental factors, like extreme changes in temperature or high humidity.

Fortunately, some weed seed retailers go above and beyond to ensure that your seeds are safe from the elements when you purchase them online. Herbies Seeds is one such store that’s always looking out for their customers. They offer a wide selection of feminized and regular marijuana seeds and even include a germination guarantee on most orders.

SeedsHereNow: Where Passion for Cannabis Breeds Excellence

Another weed seed retailer to watch is Rocket Seeds. This online seed bank has partnered with a handful of other renowned breeders to create a true one-stop shop for growers. They employ impressive breeding standards and have a great selection of both feminized and regular seeds, including OG Kush, Deadhead OG, and Jupiter OG Kush. They also offer a free 10 seed bonus on all $420 or higher orders.

Then there’s Dr. Greenthumb, a veteran of the weed game with 25 years in the business. They’ve managed to stay at the top of their game by offering a good range of unique and popular strains, including tropical-scented Banana Punch (Banana Kush crossed with Purple Punch) and 710 Cheese. The site also offers germination guides to help first-time growers have a more seamless experience.

Finally, there’s ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana). This reputable seed bank has a huge selection of feminized and autoflowering marijuana strains and is a great choice for newcomers. The site is easy to navigate and offers an abundance of useful information for cultivators. It has 200+ grow guides and is a hub for tips, hacks, and tricks on germinating, troubleshooting, harvesting, and more.