Black vape is the term used to describe illicit and poorly made cannabis oil devices that are sold illegally. There have been a number of well-documented cases in the early days of vaping where users have suffered burns and injuries as a result of tampered or modified devices that lack the regulated safety features of legitimate devices.

The black market is also a source of illicit e-liquids that do not undergo the same rigorous safety testing as the legal market’s products. These often contain low-grade base ingredients purchased in bulk online, with added additives of an unknown origin and quality. The lack of quality control poses a serious risk to consumers as unregulated e-liquids can contain harmful chemicals and unsafe additives that have not been tested for.

In the Shadows: Exploring the Allure of Black Vape E-liquids

Thankfully, some retailers specialise in selling only the highest quality TP-compliant equipment. You should only buy your vaping products from these specialist retailers who can offer you knowledge and expertise as well as the guarantee that the product you are purchasing is a genuine, legal device that has passed all relevant tests. You should also avoid large online marketplaces that sell a range of different products as these sites are a magnet for sellers of illicit products.

Remember, it is against the law to sell vaping products to people under the age of 18. If you are buying in person, all reputable retailers are required to use challenge 25 to check your ID at the point of sale (this applies to face-to-face sales as well as online purchases). If you are purchasing online, the site should have an MHRA search function and be able to display the manufacturer’s name, address and registered telephone number on their shop front.